This is MySelfie.Fun!

You are with friends, loved ones, family. You want to keep the moment. You want to share the moment. Take the selfie, choose the frames, the right background on MySelfie.Fun. That's it!
With our digital MySelfie - with photos, videos and music, you can show who you are and express your feelings with just a few clicks anywhere in the world.

Place your MySelfie.

Right where you are or at an exact address or in a famous place. Upload it from your mobile phone right there. Or design it at home later.
The MySelfie can be seen at any time by anyone or only selected friends around the world.

Check out your MySelfie.

View your MySelfie directly on site in the mobile phone camera. It hangs virtually exactly where you placed it. Unique! This is exclusive to MySelfie.Fun.
You can also view other people's MySelfies directly there or from home on our world map.

Create your MySelfie.

Choose from a few simple steps all the elements you want to include in your selfie.
Make it mobile – take your selfie - or at home on your laptop. Place it virtually exactly where you are or choose your favorite place from home on our world map.

You are unique.

You're special. Capture those special moments exactly where they happen. On site on your mobile phone with your selfies and posies (you pose and have someone take a photo). Or comfortably at home. Very easily, very quickly.
Show your stories, photos, videos and news. Everything you want to share privately or publicly. Share your beautiful MySelfie with friends on Facebook, Instagram, by email etc.

Give away MySelfie!

Design MySelfie for yourself, but also give one as a gift. A present for a birthday, simply out of love, for the wedding anniversary, for all special moments that should be remembered.
Create one for your loved ones, friends, family. Show the love, the adventure, the feelings, the favorite places. Share them with the world or only with selected friends.

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